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What We Do

Content Plagiarism is a huge problem for any site. Copylo helps you to identify, eliminate and manage duplicate content so you can maximize your page performance on Google, Yahoo and more! No matter how many or what size the domains, with our web tool you manage it all!

What are you waiting for? Optimize today and rank higher tomorrow!

duplicate content checker

Plagiarism Checker

Tired of creating original content only to see it copied and stealing traffic to other sites? Receive real-time alerts the moment your content is stolen with the page owners information so you can have the stolen content removed and your page rank protected.

Google penalties detection

PinPoint Penalties

Frustrated to discover one of your pages has been down for an hour or a whole day? Copylo does what search engines don’t – it shows the pages or sites that have been penalized and pinpoints the problematic content you need to fix to restore your site quickly and efficiently

website monitoring

Monitoring Tool

Managing multiple websites and keeping an eye on their performance any minute of the day, is difficult to handle and takes uncountable man-hours. With Copylo’s Monitoring tool you don’t have to worry about that no more, instead Copylo provides you with real time alerts.

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Suffering from bad page ranking? Content Plagiarism, Page Penalties or Spelling Errors could be the reason.

Whatever your problem, Copylo is the solution! Get started now!

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