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Having duplicate content on your site can drastically reduce your performance levels and Search Engine Optimization rankings, it’s important to have content that is verifiably original. Many times plagiarized content is the direct result of untrustworthy content creators or unverified content. Minimizing your risk of duplicate content is one of the keynote issues for any company that strives to perform at optimal levels and appear at the top of the list on search engines.
To help your company protect its brand identity and to ensure that your content is original, Copylo has created an instant online plagiarism checker software that examines and asses your text for originality, and does it in a way that is simple, user friendly and instant. If you have content you want to examine for originality, just copy and paste the text or URL that you were provided with – whether a short editorial or multipage article – and within seconds the software will perform a comprehensive scan on the world wide web in order to determine if that content exists elsewhere.
By instantly checking your content and verifying whether or not the content you were about to upload to your site is unique, Copylo not only helps you prevent fatal problems such as being flagged by Google, but it lets you know which content creators are providing you with quality work and which are not.
The Copylo online plagiarism checker shows you within seconds all of the duplicate content results where your content can already be found. Copylo also works hard to protect your privacy, therefor your online scan is not saved in our system.
Because the Copylo online plagiarism checker works only when you want it to work, you can use it every time you receive a new piece of content that you want to upload to your site so you never have to worry or doubt your content and you can rest assured that your site is 100% unique and therefore working 100% for you!

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