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One of the less known issues that impact your websites performance and cause lower ranking on leading search engines are spelling errors. Since the latest update, it became very clear that search engines desire high quality of a websites content. High quality content therefore means a text that is truly readable and understandable. Content optimization is truly complex, detecting and clearing an entire Website from any spelling errors or typos is very time consuming. An automated Spell Check is in order!
If you want to ensure at all times that your website has content that does not suffer from spelling errors, than the Copylo spell check tool is for you! The spelling savior feature by Copylo doesn’t just detect spelling errors – it also provides you with suggestions for alternate words to be used instead of the misspelled ones.This helps to improve the quality of your written text as well as it supports keyword optimization on your site and increases your search engine optimization and overall website ranking! If you have a website that is translated into multiple languages, don’t worry! The Copylo spelling savior tool is multilingual so you can rest assured that your spelling is reviewed no matter what language your viewer is using! The Copylo spelling savior can help you detect spelling errors.

In addition to examining English Coplyo has an adaptable spelling savior that will help you manage websites in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, German, Czech, Swedish and even Arabic! So no matter where your site is being promoted you can rest assured that your content will have no spelling errors that could harm your ranking and performance!

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