“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”
Ken Blanchard
Thanks Copylo for helping us reduce wasted man-hours on our team! Our company promotes 35 different sites and seeking out duplicate content for some of our heavy-content sites is exhausting and time consuming! With the Content Originality Check feature we can eliminate a lot of the wasted time and check for internal duplicates in a second!
Frank Gold, Berlin
Being in the Forex industry is hard! I can’t count the times our site has been taken down, our pages have been penalized and we have received errors without any advance knowledge! Because our industry depends on traffic (and without traffic we don’t have sales!) it’s imperative that we know the second a page is penalized so we can get our team rolling to correct the problem. The Copylo Penalty PinPoint tool saves us time and money! Our downtime used to exceed 48 hours and now we know about everything within seconds… I can’t even emphasize how important this has been to our operation as a company.
Irina Lippert, Birmingham
My online store is my sole income source so when my site is down my income is down. The Copylo website monitor tool gives me satisfaction of knowing that my site is always monitored so I won’t have a moment of downtime. It’s been a relief not having to check 20 times a day to make sure my site is up.
Adam Levit, Tel Aviv
Our blog is one of the leading medical advice blogs out there with over 4000 pages of unique content – copycats is just something we thought we had to accept – until we heard of Copylo! The plagiarism protector alerts us the moment someone stole our content and tried to pass it off as their own and faster than the blink of an eye our tech guys are taking the necessary steps to take down the plagiarized content. Within a short time we already saw an increase in traffic and Google ranking because our site was the only one out there with the content people want! Thanks Copylo!
Sara Cohen, Detroit
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